Lawrence R. J. Thompson - Radio & TV personality

November 17, 2020

Lawrence R. J. Thompson draws his experience in the film/television industry after years as a news cameraman for VISNEWS  which was later called REUTERS TELEVISION, ASSOCIATED PRESS TELEVISION, ALJAZEERA. During this time he worked with major names in the television news with correspondents such as JOHN SIMPSON from the BBC when they visited Zambia. Lawrence moved from being cameraman to the local producer for organizations such as the BBC, SKY NEWS,  NBC NEWS USA and many others of broadcasting network with top producers and directors.

Lawrence Thompson first experience in the film industry was with SIR RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH as he did research on his film CRY FREEDOM as a cameraman during his interviews with various people who worked with Steve Biko. Following this experience Lawrence became passionate about the film and produced and directed 30 shorts dramas for USAID MORE HOUSE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (USA) on HIV and AIDS awareness, he also produced several television commercials and documentaries for several local clients.    

In the year 2000 Lawrence Initiated Zambia’s first-ever soap opera KABANANA which he produced and directed 104 episodes, this project actually kick-started the Zambian local film industry. The soap won several local and international awards and was once referred to as the giant of  soap of Africa outside south Africa during this production Lawrence trained several actors and production crew most of who are now Zambia’s top Directors, producers and actors

Another project which Lawrence produced jointly with Israel production company TINSTAR PRODUCTIONS, the project was titled SON OF A RAILWAY MAN

Lawrence continues to provide production services for international film companies, he services include location scouting, casting, production crew, logistics, film permits, film equipment clearances and temporary import permits and catering. Lawrence has services film production companies from South Africa such as  VELOCITY FILM, PASSING TRAINS, GOLDEN PLANES, MOONLIGHT FILMS