Men & Mental Health with Dr Naeem Dalal

January 10, 2021
We will be interviewing Dr Naeem Dalal on the continuing topic of MEN AND MENTAL HEALTH  - “LET’S PEEL BACK THE LAYERS”.
Naeem is a qualified medical doctor and holds Masters of medicine degree in Psychiatry. He enjoys exploring issues beyond the boundaries of conventional health care and focuses on preventive health. He uses journalism and community outreach to teach the art of not needing medicine.
He is the founder of a mental health community project, "Ganizo" which is redefining preventive and mental health disorders using the current trends in neuroscience and fostering emotional intelligence among youth in communities.
Finally, Dr Naeem is also the current Public Health Chairperson of the Zambia Medical Association. His mission as a Global Shaper is to represent Zambia and change the perspective of mental and preventive health from awareness to acceptance