Zambia Tourism & Arts Festival

May 05, 2021
On July 03, 2021
12:00 - 00:00

The UK Zambia Tourism & Arts Festival is a community recurring event developed primarily to enhance the awareness, appeal, and profitability of tourism & art in Zambia. As a community, we all know the joys and excitement of Zambian holidays; the food, the sights, the safari, the music, the culture, and the sweet smiles of the Zambian people. Although times have changed, So Online Radio still knows that festivals are such a place of enjoyment for many and for those in the tourism and arts industry, the UK Zambia Tourism & Arts Festival aims to carry a positive impact in attracting visitors to Zambia, help the Zambia Tourism brand image and support the local communities.

This event promises to deliver not only an experience but also memories that will make you want to make Zambia your first choice for Tourist Holidays in Africa.

We are happy to invite you to also take part in this event and would like to hear from you. Contact our events team at