The TymLyn Show

Saturday, from 15:00 to 18:00
Oscar Miyanda also is known as DJ Snypa is one of the Pioneers of Zambian entertainment in the United Kingdom and founder member of So Online Radio.

DJ Snypa first stepped on the UK scene back in 2002, where he is also a founder member of Basement Entertainment (Basement Crew), a multi-talented mobile entertainment and events management team, that delivers various top-notch events mostly within the Afro & Caribbean communities in the United Kingdom. 

DJ Snypa's music taste is largely influenced by the classic UK Garage and HipHop/R & B culture from between 1990 to 2007. Although DJ Snypa still relates the modern R & B/hip-hop culture, The TymLyn Show will bring out those tunes you used to love including those chilled out tunes you simply loved to sing along to. The TymLyn Shows pulls out music flavors influenced by a chapter in the Afro & Caribbean club scene as well as a walk down memory lane.

If you miss your clubbing days or simply want to unwind, tune in, and let us unwind. REMEMBER, You can make your requests on this show, using the mobile app What's App option drop us a line, don't be shy... 


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