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Radio has found a new life through the internet and So Online Radio is a radio station redefining the listening experience within our communitySo Online Radio is a community interest company with a mission to inform, educate and promote the diverse African & Caribean community interests, putting community access and participation at the forefront of our broadcast services, without compromising production and content quality.

Our production and content are rooted with a community in mind, which mean that we are very much close to our local community matters, operating in remote spaces across The United Kingdom, encouraging teamwork and local know-how to function while giving listeners a genuine flavor of the place from which a transmission is presented.  

Our collective goal as an Online Radio Broadcaster is to give young creative talents and music lovers the best online community platform possible to share their love and passion for music as well as community contributions in other areas of interest. Our team gives all our energy to create the best platform possible, both online and offline, for the listening community and content contributors.

So Online Radio provides a hub for support and information specific to our community as such influenced by subjective content with a direct impact on our African & Caribbean heritage. We have created an online social place for our community members to meet and get to know each other outside of a party, dance floor or concert venue. A daytime place where two DJs from completely different backgrounds who might have never met are now meeting before or after their shows and talking about potential collaborations that may add value to a production. 

We hope to give you a little island where a community can always come back to and feel at home with homegrown content natured by entertainment vibes presented by the most interesting and passionate people we have and have the pleasure to meet.

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of music and subjects of a community, then you are in the right place. Our broadcast content is part of a community network presented by creative minds with access to information and support that is beneficial for position community development 

A PPL UK Webcaster (Licence Number 9265718) 
A UK Community Interest Company (Company Number 13115522)


To educate, inform and entertain 


To represent and promote the diverse interests of our community by putting community access and participation at the forefront of our services, without compromising production and content quality.


  • To be the Community Radio Station of choice for our diverse listeners from all corners of the world by promoting community participation
  • To promote diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism in our panel of contributors and associates, and the content we broadcast
  • To develop individual artistic talents and interests of our volunteering staff and the community alike by providing a platform for education, training, and freedom of creative expression. This is undertaken with a view to enhancing the quality and relevance of the service we provide our community.
  • To provide an honest, impartial, and independent broadcasting service free of religious, political, commercial, and any other biases that defy our mission and purpose as a Community Radio Station.
  • To promote community needs, activities, and development by tailoring our planning, production, and broadcasting for the diverse communities we serve.
  • To ensure our broadcasting reflects the interests of our listening communities whilst remaining informative, educational, and entertaining at all times.


So Online Radio is a non-profit Community Radio Station and as such relies upon donations and other sponsorships to keep the station running and to continue serving our diverse audience. 

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Also available on all Amazon Alexa-powered smart devices and over 101 online radio directories worldwide. 
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